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COVID-19 Legal Matters

The dedicated VBPNP COVID-19 legal team is led by Partners Chuck Faillace and Dylan Braverman.  On a continuing basis, hundreds of hours have been invested mastering the legislative/tactical intricacies posed by an aggressive defense of COVID-19-related claims.  

The VBPNP COVID-19 legal team has been chosen as lead/co-lead counsel by national insurance carriers and healthcare systems. Chuck and Dylan have forged close relationships with these entities and are guiding a coordinated national response to COVID-19 claims with information drawn from disparate systems. At the request of various organizations, and tapping that expertise, Chuck and Dylan have presented on COVID-19 litigation and legal immunities on Webinars and Podcasts. 

The COVID-19 legal team comprises our most experienced trial attorneys (well over 450 verdicts among team members alone), appellate specialists (who regularly argue before the Appellate Division and the Second Circuit) and transactional/regulatory attorneys.  We have demonstrable expertise in national COVID-19 immunities (e.g., PREP Act), in New York State immunities (e.g., EDTPA) and the [ever-changing] New York, New Jersey, Florida and Connecticut Executive Orders covering COVID-19.  To properly defend “standard of care” issues, which literally change during the course of a given day, we created (and continually update) a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, synopsis of often contradictory COVID-19 guidance from the CDC, WHO, NIH, NY DOH, US DOJ, COVID Task Force, Dr. Fauci and other authorities.

Our COVID-19 legal team expertise allows clients to stay at the forefront of an evolving pandemic, from legal, regulatory and insurance perspectives.  We stand ready to use all of our resources, experience and knowledge to help you.