White Collar Criminal Defense

The Firm is uniquely qualified to serve the interests of those clients seeking representation for allegations of criminal conduct. Alfred P. Vigorito, served 8 years in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office wherein he served as Deputy Chief of both the Narcotics and Public Corruption Bureaus. Mr. Vigorito also served as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of N.Y. under Rudy Giuliani, where he helped prosecute successfully the WEDTECH case and others against several prominent politicians. Mr. Vigorito has taken over 50 verdicts in the Criminal Division of N.Y.S Supreme Court in cases involving charges of Grand Larceny, Robbery, Narcotics and Homicide. Most recently, in 2014 he obtained an acquittal for a Mt. Vernon Police Officer accused of larceny by his own department.

John W. Barker also served with distinction in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office where many cases to verdict during his tenure, including felonies. Mr. Barker, continues to utilize his well honed trial skills in defense of professionals, whether they be physicians or otherwise that may be charged with violations of both State and Federal Statute. 

In today’s medical/legal climate, great scrutiny of physician billing practices, both on State and Federal levels has increased.  This has led to prosecutions that endanger these professionals to not only civil and criminal penalties, but also threaten their license to practice. In those unique cases, the Firm relies upon Kevin Porter who has been defending Physicians, Hospitals, Nurses, Pharmacists and related staff for more than 30 years. Mr. Porter has handled hundreds of OPMC and JCAHO matters for both individuals and institutional clients throughout New York State, helping them to navigate the complexities of the N.Y.S. Public Health Law and related statutes.